What’s Good and What’s Bad About Bottled Water?

These days you can’t go very far without seeing bottled water, whether you’re scanning the aisles at your favorite supermarket, cheering on your kids at their latest sporting event, or perhaps packing for a trip to your favorite vacation destination. Our dental offices in Manassas, Reston, Gainesville, and Fairfax want you and your family to… Read more »

The Oral Health Hazards of Nail Biting

Nail biting is a habit that can affect not only the appearance of your nails, it can also cause damage to your oral health. As with any habit, nail biting can be difficult to break, but at our dental offices in Manassas, Reston, Gainesville, and Fairfax, we’re hoping that by providing our patients some information… Read more »

“What’s it Mean When My Dentist Pokes My Gums and Says Numbers?”

If you’ve ever been to your dentist in Northern Virginia and experienced several gentle pokes to your gums followed by hearing some numbers, you’ve had what’s called a periodontal charting. This charting is helpful when evaluating overall oral health and can give your dental team some insight to a proper treatment plan. What’s Periodontal Charting… Read more »

Smokeless Tobacco & Your Oral Health

Using tobacco products of any kind can not only have a detrimental effect on your overall health, there are multiple oral health diseases and problems that can also occur from the habit. Smokeless tobacco, also referred to as, dip, chew, spit, or snuff, is no exception. During this Oral Cancer Awareness Month, the team at… Read more »

All About Frenectomies

Frenectomies aren’t all that common in adults, but there are specific instances when the team at our Manassas, Reston, Gainesville, and Fairfax dental offices may recommend one to an adult patient. But why exactly would a frenectomy be needed, and what is it? We’re here to talk all about frenectomies and the benefits behind getting… Read more »

“Do I Really Need to Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?”

Wisdom teeth are often first seen on x-rays conducted during regular appointments at our Manassas, Reston, Gainesville, and Fairfax dental offices. Most often, we can see them as they’re beginning to erupt through the gums. It’s also when we’re most likely to recommend that they be removed. In fact, about 90% of Americans get their… Read more »

Top 4 Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Having sensitive teeth can be brutal. The sharp, shooting pain that often accompanies tooth sensitivity can put a damper on enjoying favorite foods. At our dental offices in Manassas, Reston, Gainesville, and Fairfax, we don’t want any of our patients to suffer from sensitive teeth, but we understand that a lot of them do. We’d… Read more »

Are Lip & Cheek Biting Actually Bad for You?

You know the feeling. You’re happily chewing away on your lunch, talking with a coworker when all of a sudden, you hear a crunch. You feel the pain. You realize you’ve just bit your cheek (or lip, or tongue — doesn’t really matter, it all hurts!). This painful accident can be an ongoing problem for… Read more »

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar is every dentist’s worst enemy. It negatively affects oral health and puts teeth at increased risk for decay, cavities, and can lead to more serious dental and overall health problems. At our dental offices in Manassas, Reston, Gainesville, and Fairfax, we care about our patients’ smiles and well being, which why we’re strong believers… Read more »