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Is Removing Wisdom Teeth Necessary?

About 90% of the American population has had their wisdom teeth removed. But why is it important that we get these teeth extracted? Is wisdom teeth surgery really that important? What happens if we don’t have our wisdom teeth taken out? The team at our dental office in Gainesville has the answers. Wisdom Teeth Basics… Read more »

Canker Sore Treatment

There are an estimated 3 million canker sore cases a year. But knowing that these annoying and painful sores affect nearly everyone doesn’t necessarily make them any easier to tolerate when they happen to you. At our dental office in Reston, we understand that canker sores are uncomfortable and can hurt. That’s why we’re here… Read more »

A Letter to Patients of DMV Dental

This letter was sent to all current patients of DMV dental…. Dear Valued Patient, Thank you for your continued trust and for being an important part of our dental family. As you know we’re committed to providing you and your family the ultimate care. Part of what makes that possible is advancements in technology and… Read more »