What Do You Want To Know About Oral Cancer?

At our Manassas dental offices, we’d like to educate our patients on this dangerous disease during this Oral Cancer Awareness Month. When it’s caught early, Oral Cancer is highly treatable, that’s why we want to share some facts about it with you.. Oral Cancer Facts Oral cancer kills 8,000 Americans every year. If caught early,… Read more »

Fact or Fiction: Cavity Edition

Cavities are one of the most common dental concerns we hear about at our dental offices in Manassas and Reston. While worries about cavities are valid since they can lead to pain, sensitivity, and more serious oral health conditions, there are many beliefs behind cavities that just aren’t true.   Fact or Fiction: Sugar is… Read more »

The Mystery of The Dental Office Smell

If someone were to blindfold you and lead you into a dental office, we bet you’d be able to guess where you are simply by the smell. You know what we mean. The crisp, clean, sanitized aroma of dental offices is incredibly distinguishable, but what makes it smell that way? At our dental offices in… Read more »

Is Smoking Worth Your Teeth?

Smoking is one of the most addictive habits out there. It’s also one of the worst things for your health. When you think of smoking, do you think of lung cancer? Perhaps emphysema? Or maybe it’s heart disease. While all of these are very real possibilities, at our Manassas and Reston dental offices, we’d like… Read more »

Top 5 Reasons to Get Professional Teeth Cleanings

You brush your teeth at home twice everyday, you floss at least once a day, so why is visiting our dental office in Manassas or Reston regularly so important? Professional cleanings and consistent checkups are crucial to maintaining a healthy mouth and body.   Money. Regular appointments and cleanings can help you save money. At… Read more »

The Connection Between Heart and Mouth

Every February, we place a lof of focus on hearts. There’s heart candy, heart shaped boxes full of chocolate, and we’re all about making our significant others feel loved. At our dental offices in Manassas and Reston, we like all the things that go along with spreading the love, especially the heart. This February, take… Read more »

Is Your Cough Medicine Making Your Teeth Sick?

Coughs, stuffiness, colds, and the flu are at their peak this time of year. While we all try our best to keep germs away by washing our hands, avoiding other sick people, and exercising, there are times when catching the bug is basically unavoidable. At our dental offices in Reston and Manassas, our goal is… Read more »

Ancient Dental Care – Crazy Beliefs & Wild Practices

The type of dentistry we practice at our dental offices in Manassas and Reston, that ensures comfort, oral health, and overall wellbeing, wasn’t always the norm. If we go back a few years, a mere 9,000, we find some extraordinarily crazy beliefs, wild practices, and a dental philosophy that’s much different from today’s standard. Ancient… Read more »

“Do I Have Something in My Teeth?”

It never fails. You’re at an important business dinner with your boss; you’re meeting a blind date for a first-time brunch; you’re at your significant other’s parents’ house for Sunday family dinner and a piece of spinach quiche gets wedged between your two front teeth. Embarrassing dental moments like those can be awkward, especially if… Read more »

Celebrate the Holidays with a New Smile

There’s a lot to celebrate during this time of the year – health, family, love, and friendship. Typically we show each other our appreciation by sharing gifts, celebrating, and eating with our families. However, if you’re hiding your smile during these joyous occasions instead of grinning wide, it may be time to think about celebrating… Read more »