What a Smile Can Do For You, and Others

added on: August 11, 2016

Believe it or not, a smile can do more for you than just help you look good in your latest Instagram picture, although that’s a nice benefit too. At our Manassas, Reston, and Gainesville  dental offices, we love to see our patients show off their smiles, not just because it boosts their self confidence, but because it’s actually keeping them healthy and happy.

Help Yourself

There are actually several scientifically proven ways smiling can make you a healthier, happier person. A simple smile boosts the number of antibodies and white blood cells in your body – which may help support your immune system and keep you from getting sick. What’s more, every time you grin, blood flow surges to the frontal lobes of your brain, increasing the release of the “feel-good” chemical dopamine. But the benefits don’t stop there. Smiling also helps you relax by surging serotonin, a natural known stress-reducer, levels.

Help Others

You know when you pass a stranger on the sidewalk and he smiles and you smile back? Turns out, it may not just be your politeness that’s making you return the gesture. Numerous studies show that smiling is contagious, and our reaction to smile back to someone is natural and subconscious.

A smile also means the same thing in every language, every culture, and every country in the world. That makes it an incredibly powerful thing. Because if we know smiling can help us feel happier, more relaxed, and even boost our health, and we know that a smile is universal and contagious, we can use smiling to spread joy and wellness all around us.

Are You Hiding Your Smile?

Sometimes people are too embarrassed to smile because of the way their teeth look. Maybe they’re a little discolored, slightly crooked, or damaged from an accident. No matter what the reason is, you shouldn’t have to hide your smile. The good news is, cosmetic dentistry from your dentist in Northern Virginia can help. Some forms of cosmetic dentistry include:

Don’t let embarrassment keep you from smiling and experiencing the power it holds. Call our dental office in Manassas, Reston, or Gainesville to explore all the options available to help get you a smile you’re proud of.

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