Cosmetic Dentistry

You Won’t Believe How Your Smile will Look!

What do you want to change about your smile? Are crooked teeth or stained enamel keeping you from smiling around your colleagues, friends, or even your family? Improving the way our patients’ smiles look not only makes them feel better about themselves, it improves their lifestyles.

> Porcelain Veneers

How would you love to transform your entire smile in just a couple of short, simple visits to our office? Porcelain veneers are esthetic restorations that are bonded to the front of teeth, creating the appearance of a straight, white, beautiful smile.

> Full Mouth Restoration

Multiple broken teeth, failing restorations, or rampant tooth decay can make restoring your smile seem overwhelming. Our dental facilities provide comprehensive full-mouth restorative treatments that bring back function, esthetics, and dental health to your entire smile. We’ll walk you through each step, so that you can have the confidence that you’re getting the best care possible.

> Crown Lengthening

Excessive gum tissue can make it difficult to restore teeth or manage active periodontal disease. Crown lengthening is a therapeutic approach to increase the amount of tooth visible above the gumlines, making it possible to perform restorative treatments like crowns, and fight gum disease. We use soft tissue laser technology to provide fast, comfortable treatment with little to no recovery time needed.

> Gum and Tooth Recontouring

Does a “gummy” smile make your teeth look too short? Are irregular gumlines making your teeth appear to be different sizes? Our offices provide soft tissue laser treatments that smooth and recontour the appearance of gumlines, improving the health and appearance of your teeth.

> Composite Bonding

Minor tooth irregularities like chips, gaps, or small cavities can be improved in function and appearance by utilizing tooth-colored composite bonding material. Unlike veneers, bonding is only applied to a small portion of the tooth, to reshape the tooth’s appearance. It’s a convenient, affordable treatment that dramatically improves the esthetics of the smiles of iSmile Dental Care patients.

> Invisalign

invisalign_logoClear Invisalign braces are the cosmetic way for dental patients to straighten their teeth. Each Invisalign tray is essentially invisible as it guides teeth into the desired position. They’re also easy to care for because they are removable, and patients can eat anything they like.

> Smile Whitening

Porous tooth enamel causes teeth to darken over time, as teeth absorb stains from the food we eat. We help patients whiten their teeth by several shades in just a single trip to our office, with same-day teeth whitening. Results are dramatic, and perfect for looking your best. The product we use helps to naturally lift stains by an accelerated oxidation process, making the enamel look years younger, and naturally whiter.