TMJ Treatment

Non-Invasive TMJ Therapies and Pain Relief

TMJ Disorders can cause pain and discomfort throughout the head, neck, and shoulders. Pain may be chronic, or sporadic as it relates to stress. iSmile Dental Care provides a neuromuscular approach to treating and eliminating symptoms associated with TMJ disorders.

> What Causes TMJ Pain?

Chronic grinding, clenching, or tooth misalignment can cause strain to the Tempromandibular joint. This places abnormal amounts of pressure in the joint as well as the surrounding muscles, causing pain to radiate into surrounding areas, or even damage to the internal portions of the joint.

> Neuromuscular Corrective Treatments

Retraining the joint to function the proper way, or correcting the way the teeth bite together, the stress placed on the TMJ can be eliminated, thereby reversing the painful conditions caused by TMJ disorder. Training the jaw to position itself back into a relaxed position can be achieved by using a splint-method. Or, an orthodontic approach may be used to correct the way the upper and lower teeth bite together, thus reducing abnormal pressure and function of the jaw.

> Which Treatment is Best?

A one-on-one consultation and thorough head and neck evaluation with one of our dentists will help determine what underlying causes are contributing to the pain or complications of your specific TMJ case. Treatment can typically begin right away, helping reduce your symptoms as quickly as possible.