General Dentistry

All the Dentistry You Need – Six Great Locations!

Our goal at iSmile Dental Care is to make dentistry convenient and comfortable for patients of all ages. We implement technology at our locations that allow us to offer comprehensive care services no matter what the needs of the patients are. By implementing a progressive preventive program, we can improve the health of our patients’ smiles as well as reduce the cost of their dental care.

> Comprehensive Exams

Every new patient receives a comprehensive examination to assess the health and function of their teeth, bone levels, gum disease, and oral conditions as they relate to the rest of their body. Because dental needs can change quickly, a thorough examination is conducted every 6 months, allowing the most non-invasive care approaches to be implemented, and reducing the cost of dental care for our patients.

> Oral Cancer Screenings

Thousands of oral cancer cases are diagnosed each year, but many of them are unfortunately found too late. Early signs of oral cancer include sores that do not heal, white or red lesions on one side of the mouth, and tissue that appears abnormal from the rest of the mouth. Our dentists conduct thorough oral cancer screenings during each examination, improving our patients’ success of early and non-invasive cancer treatment.

> Digital & Panoramic X-rays

The transition to digital x-rays allows patients to reduce their radiation exposure, shorten their appointment time, and increase the communication with our team. Digital dental x-rays are visible immediately, and make care needs easier to understand when they are enlarged on an in-room screen during the examination.

> Intra Oral Cameras

High definition intra oral cameras allow us to share our line of sight with our patients. Enlarged images of dental findings are visible on a screen right there in your treatment room, increasing patient awareness of their oral health, and communication during care planning.

> Soft Tissue Lasers

What would you think if just a short visit to iSmile Dental Care meant the end to uncomfortable cold sores or ulcers? Our soft tissue lasers can eliminate tissue discomforts in just a few seconds, and speed up healing time. They’re also effective for tissue treatments like frenectomies, without the need for surgical treatment.

> Hygiene

Our patients can expect comfortable, effective dental cleanings that gently remove both loose and calcified bacteria from their tooth surfaces. Our registered dental hygienists use Piezo ultrasonic scalers, which allow gentle vibrations to loosen tartar deposits off of the teeth as well as irrigate plaque out from under periodontal pocket areas. Each patient also receives a customized oral hygiene plan to address areas of concern, developing oral disease conditions, and individual needs they may have.

> Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride varnish is the new way to protect teeth against tooth decay, because it clings to the teeth for a longer period of time. Varnish is proven to be more effective at battling enamel decalcification and even tooth sensitivity. Pediatric patients receive a fluoride application at each visit, and adults receive them as needed or upon request.

> Mouthguards

We provide two different types of mouthguards, depending on the needs of our patients. Sports guards protect the dental health of athletes during physical activities as well as decrease the risk of concussions, not to mention that the guards we offer are much more comfortable and effective than stock guards purchased over the counter. We also provide guards for the treatment and neuromuscular therapy associated with TMJ disorders and bruxism. This reduces premature dental wear and strain on the TMJ, as well as pain associated with TMJ disorders.

> Emergency Care

How soon can you get here? We know emergencies can be scary and painful. Our goal is to alleviate your discomfort as quickly as possible, and ensure the health of your teeth. We work in all emergencies very quickly, and urge patients to call us as quickly as possible so that we can plan for their arrival.