Implant Dentistry

No-Fuss Dental Implants

Unlike most dental offices, iSmile Dental Care provides both implant placement and restorative services. That means you can have all of your dental implant treatment completed in one location, with one dental team, and have a lower cost of care. Implants are considered the choice method of tooth replacement, because they function and look just like regular teeth, without requiring alteration of existing, adjacent teeth.

Implants can be used to:

  • Replace single teeth with implant crowns
  • Replace multiple teeth with implant bridges
  • Replace all of the teeth with implant dentures

Dental Implants

> Same Day Implant Placement Technology

Traditional dentists work with an off-site implant provider to stage their patient’s implant treatment over several visits. Our on-site 3D CT Scan technology allows us to make precise implant placements that utilize the patient’s natural bone anatomy, ensuring the outcome and success of their dental implant treatment. Because of the technology we use, patients can avoid multiple visits and care providers. We implement a comprehensive plan that allows us to provide patients with complete smile restorations in an affordable way, in just a single day. Walk in a patient; leave a believer!

> Implant Dentures

Have you ever wished that you could replace all of your teeth in one day? Unlike traditional dentures, implant dentures provide patients with a stable, smaller alternative to tooth replacement. We offer both implant retained dentures and full arch zirconia dentures. These options allow patients to experience a beautiful, permanent smile that stays in place all day long. Treatment is completed in just one day at one of our offices, thanks to our advanced placement techniques.

> Free Consultations

Deciding to take the step toward dental implants can seem intimidating at first. That’s why we offer a free consultation to our prospective implant patients. Each person’s needs are different, and so is their treatment. During your consultation at iSmile Dental Care, we’ll discuss your specific needs and concerns to plan the type of implant prosthesis that is best for you.